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Oil residue catalytic cracking agent

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Oil residue catalytic cracking agent

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The quality of crude oil has dropped, resulting in reduced refining efficiency. Many refineries face how to promote heavy oil conversion and increase the yield of light oil. At the same time, the refinery-integrated refinery is also facing the problem of producing high-quality chemical raw materials such as light olefins.

The problem of poor quality of catalytic cracking feedstocks is even more pronounced in local refineries. Many local refineries generally use M100 and M180 as catalytic cracking raw materials, and some enterprises even blend coking wax oil. M100 has the characteristics of low hydrogen content, low saturated hydrocarbon content, high residual carbon and heavy metals (total metal exceeding 60 ppm), and high non-metallic impurities such as sulfur and nitrogen. The coking wax oil contains a higher basic nitrogen, which neutralizes the acid center of the catalyst and causes the catalyst to be temporarily poisoned and deactivated. These factors are not only easy to cause catalyst poisoning, loss of activity, increased unit consumption, but also increase the yield of dry gas, coke and oil slurry of the catalytic cracking unit, and reduce the yield of high-value gasoline and diesel and liquefied gas. This has a great impact on the economic benefits of many refineries that use residue processing.

In order to solve these problems, XDC-01 residue conversion catalyst developed by Schindler Catalyst Technology Platform has the characteristics of pore channel distribution, large specific surface area and high molecular sieve active component, especially suitable for processing inferior catalytic raw materials, increasing liquid recovery and light oil yield. . XD-01 catalyst has obvious advantages in cracking heavy oil, resisting heavy metal pollution and basic nitrogen.

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