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A777 SO2 reduction of sulfur recovery catalyst

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A777 SO2 reduction of sulfur recovery catalyst

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Sulfur recovery technology is the main principle of selective reduction of SO2 by selective reduction catalyst in hydrogenation reactor to selective catalytic reduction of SO2  to elemental sulfur rather than H2 S, then will produce elemental sulfur sulfur into the liquid storage tank after cooling. The main advantage of this process is:

(1) using specially developed A777 selective reduction catalyst to SO2  reduction for S, solved the shortcomings of the traditional tail gas hydrogenation reactor does not generate the sulfur, improve the efficiency of the one-stage total sulfur recovery unit.

(2) using the selective reduction of catalyst, hydrogenation reactor operating temperature is lower and the actual operating temperature is 160 ~ 200 ℃. Hydrogenation reactor inlet temperature can be controlled in 160 ~ 200 ℃. Therefore need only through the heat exchanger can completely meet the requirements of the reactor inlet temperature, no longer need to use heating furnace, greatly save the energy. Can reduce 30% of H2  consumption.

Can be used to handle only contains all the industrial waste gas such as coal-fired power plant flue gas SO2  discharge gas, acid factory processing

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