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A958 sulfur recovery catalyst

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A958 sulfur recovery catalyst

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A958 sulfur recovery catalyst is a new-type sulfur recovery catalyst with a high Claus activity and deoxidization protection features. It can be separately used as a Claus catalyst and may also work together with A918 Al2O3 catalyst for the purpose of deoxidization protection catalysis. In the same device and the same technical conditions, the total sulfur conversion rate can be increased by about 1.7%. It is particularly suitable for sulfur recovery unit with considerable fluctuations in acid gas H2S content and / or flow. A958 catalyst can work with Al2O3 in any converter of the sulfur recovery unit or be filled in a tiered manner across the full bed. During tiered filling and application, A958 catalyst can be deposited on the upper part of the primary converter bed layer, accounting for at least 1/3 of the total volume, So as to protect the lower Al2O3 catalysts from sulfating poisoning by the tiny amount of oxygen existed during the process, or mitigate the poisoning, thus prolonging the life of the catalyst. The excellent performances of A958 catalysts have been proven in industrial applications.

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