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A988 TiO2 sulfur recovery catalyst

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A988 TiO2 sulfur recovery catalyst

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The A988 Claus catalyst is TiO2 as main active component catalyst, it has good ability of resistance to sulfate. It’s the flag-ship of sulphur recovery catalyst series. The performance is in world leading position. The main advantages of A988 catalyst are :

(1)Owing to high activity of COS and CS2 hydrolysis and Claus conversion almost reaches the thermodynamics equilibrium level, therefore it is one of the best catalyst of sulphur recovery.

(2) It is non-sensitive to the trace O2 in the acid gas and sulfated poison doesn’t exist.

(3) Because A988 catalyst only needs 3s of contact time and can be used in the 1200h-1 GHSV, therefore, the reactor volume can be reduced and in the condition of same contact time, the acid gas loading can be improved greatly.

(4) A988 catalyst is specially applicable to cope with the lean acid gas and Claus tail gas.

Considering the excellent performance of A988 catalysts, it is recommended to use it in the first reactor to promote the full hydrolysis of COS and CS2 and in the second and third reactors to improve Claus conversion rate. A988 catalysts can replace imported catalysts in an imported device. It can also be more extensively used in other domestic sulfur recovery devices.

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