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Increased production of propylene additives

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Increased production of propylene additives

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Catalytic cracking is one of the main sources of propylene. The FCC unit separates propylene from liquefied gas and sells it as a high value-added product, which can bring more economic benefits to many petrochemical enterprises.

The XD-2 propylene additive is prepared by modifying the shape-selective molecular sieve as the main active component, and is prepared with a low coke selective binder and matrix. It is a high performance double propylene yield and gasoline octane number. Functional additives. The XD-2 propylene additive is fed in a small feed system or mixed with the main agent. Adding 4% to 6% of the main catalyst reserves can significantly increase the propylene yield and gasoline octane number by more than 1.2 percentage points. Bring more benefits to FCC customers while producing more powerful gasoline. The use of Schindler XD-2 propylene auxiliaries is easy to operate, the effect is obvious, the cost is low, the device does not need to be modified, and the benefit is high;

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