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Increase production of light olefin olefin additives

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Increase production of light olefin olefin additives

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The activity of increasing the yield of butene is high, the hydrothermal stability is good, the required addition ratio is small, the unit consumption is low, and the cost performance is good. At the same time, the auxiliary agent has suitable cracking activity and excellent light olefin selectivity, which can significantly improve the yield of liquefied gas and C3, C4 light olefin. Using the butene-producing additive, not only the yield of propylene but also the octane number of the gasoline increased, and the conversion rate, total liquid yield and coke yield remained basically unchanged. The main physical and chemical properties are similar to those of conventional FCC catalysts. They can be completely matched with FCC catalysts and can be mixed with FCC catalysts.

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