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Gasoline hydrogenation catalyst

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Gasoline hydrogenation catalyst

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This product is used for hydrofining of distillate oil in petrochemical industry. XDJH-7 catalyst has excellent olefin saturation, hydrogenation, desulfurization and nitrogen removal performance, which can be used under harsh process conditions, and can be operated stably for a long time under low pressure and high airspeed. It is suitable for the hydrofining of distillates in the general petrochemical industry, especially for the hydrogenation of high-sulfur coking gasoline and straight-run gasoline. Hydrodesulfurization denitrification and olefin saturation performance is excellent, 2000h operation does not need to raise temperature, the desulfurization rate is still maintained at 99.5% ~ 99.6%. The inlet temperature is 25℃ lower than that of other similar catalysts. While maintaining a high desulfurization rate, the XDJH-7 catalyst can also reduce the inlet temperature of the hydrogenation unit, helping customers reduce energy consumption and reduce costs.

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