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Drag synthesis catalyst

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Drag synthesis catalyst

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Fischer-tropsch synthesis is the process by which synthetic gas is converted to hydrocarbons by a catalytic reaction. In the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process, alkanes and olefins are formed, along with the formation of oxygen-containing compounds and water-gas conversion (WGS) reactions. The Fischer-Tropsch reactant (i.e., syngas) can be converted from coal, natural gas or biomass by a process such as gasification or reforming. The resultant hydrocarbons produced by Fischer-Tropsch are sulfur, nitrogen and aromatics free, so liquid fuels (such as clean diesel) produced by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis can meet the increasingly demanding environmental requirements. At the same time, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products can also be the key raw materials of current chemical processes such as low carbon olefin. Therefore, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis is a key step in indirect conversion of non-oil-based resources such as coal, natural gas and biomass into high-grade liquid fuels and chemical raw materials. The XDFT-01 catalyst can achieve a CO conversion rate of 90% with an oil yield of 155g/Nm3 per cubic meter of syngas.

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