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Highly effective corrosion inhibitor

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Highly effective corrosion inhibitor

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In recent years, due to the processing of high acid value crude oil, the organic acid corrosion of oil refining units has become increasingly serious. Even if the way to upgrade the material is difficult to solve. Some parts of the use of less than a year that perforated internal leakage, so that safety production, product quality and processing volume have been affected to varying degrees. XDF-01 efficient corrosion inhibitor is an organic polymer with high molecular weight and high boiling point, which can form an adsorbent protective film on the metal surface of the device, isolating the corrosive components such as organic acids from the metal surface, and effectively protecting the device from corrosion in the operating range of 150 ~ 485C. Because it does not contain metal salts, the catalyst in the secondary processing process will not be poisoned and deactivated, and will not produce metal pollution to the oil.

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