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RAs928 Arsenic Remover

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RAs928 Arsenic Remover

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In polypropylene production process, there are trace impurities such as S, O2, CO, H2O and As, which can lead to the decrease of catalyst activity, even leading to catalyst poisoning, with adverse influence on normal production. Especially, with the development and application of effective catalyst for polypropylene, requirements to the amount of arsenic in propylene are stricter and stricter. Only when arsenic content is decreased to below 10ppb, catalyst poisoning can be avoided. Therefore, Shandong Xunda Chemical Group Co., Ltd. developed effective new arsenic remover RAs928 according to the reality of our polypropylene industry

RAs928 is a kind of lead-based arsenic remover, mainly used to remove the trace arsenic in liquid propylene in polypropylene industry and Lead dearsenifier can eliminate the disadvantage of copper arsenic remover of avoid forming copper acetylene and can be applied to remove arsenic and phosphor in olefin feedstock. RAs928 has the characteristics of good arsenic removing effect and large capacity for getting rid of arsenic and convenient application.

AsH3 in liquid propylene reacts with PbO producing lead arsenide and arsenic, and the other converts to alloy of lead and arsenic.

Arsenic removing mechanism of RAs928:




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