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Hyrodewaxing catalyst

Hydrodewaxing catalyst is mainly used for the diesel oil hydrogenation unit of a petroleum refinery. It can work together with hydrogenation catalyst to not only reduce the contents of phosphorus, sulfurs, nitrogen and other foreign matters in diesel oils, but also substantially decrease the solidifying point of diesel oils and improve diesel oil quality. To apply diesel oils at a low temperature, hydrodewaxing catalyst is generally adopted for production of diesel oils with a low solidifying point at the oil refineries of the northern hemisphere and North China.



To producing high quality diesel, Xunda has improved process for distillate oil to meet the strict standard, satisfy the requirement of sulphur、nitrogen、 cetane . The stability, colour,smell and arene can improved.



The advanced hydrocracking technology can flexible producing high quality LPG、Naphtha、Coal Oil、Diesel and other proucts.