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SHANDONG XUNDA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD. clean production publicity information

SHANDONG XUNDA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO., LTD clean production publicity information
According to the document requirements of "Notice on the List of Enterprises implementing Mandatory cleaner Production Audit in Shandong Province in 2022" (Luhuanzi [2022] No. 32), Shandong Schindler Chemical Group Co., Ltd. will carry out cleaner production audit work from April to October 2022, and publicize environmental information in combination with the actual situation of our company and actively accept social supervision.
Company name: Shandong Schindler Chemical Group Co., LTD
Legal representative: Cui Chuanyi
Address: Linzi District Jingzhong Town Industrial zone 17
Project production scale: 9500t/a catalyst and chemical filler
Main energy sources: natural gas
Hazardous Waste:
Waste heat transfer oil, waste catalyst, waste packaging bags, and hazardous waste have signed agreements with qualified companies to transfer regularly.
Air pollutants:
Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter,
Main raw materials: molecular sieve powder, clay, zinc oxide, alumina, titanium oxide

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