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How to judge gel filtration, target protein in molecular sieve chromatography

Gel filtration is the separation of different substances by molecular size, and is often used for desalting of protein solutions. For protein solutions whose molecular weight is determined by molecular weight, the elution time of the target protein can be estimated by comparing the molecular weights. The nature of the protein can only be followed by each protein peak and then identified. How should the molecular weight of the target be used to estimate the elution time of the target protein?

If the molecular weight is large, it can not enter the pores of the gel. The elution time is short, the molecular weight is small, and it will enter the pores of the gel. The elution time is long, but this is relative. For example, two large protein molecules cannot enter the inner pore. Then they will elute at the same time and cannot be separated, so the gel is suitable for separation between proteins with large molecular weight differences.